Apex Launcher Customize, Secure, and Efficient Free download links [2020]


This is an efficient, Customise, and even a very secure app for usage. This is a free launcher that is having many more facilities along with the app. The home screen and the icons can be adjusted even those can be hidden along with the apex launcher. Currently, apex launcher has become the most important choice. There are more improvements that can be seen in the latest version of the apex launcher. That the latest version is 4. 9.13. Even it is about a 16 MB sized app. 

Features of the apex launcher 

  • Customize your device

The device of yours can be customized by using this apex launcher. There are more tools that can be used in order to make your device unique. There are more types of themes as well as more icon packs included in the apex launcher. Even there are some more 3D effects that can be found out through the apex launcher. 

  • App lock for the security

The users can assign the app lock for the safety of the device. The app lock can be used to protect your apps against the treats of the device. By that method, the privacy of the device can be protected as well as can be maintained. There are more types of methods. Assign the fingerprint, password, or else the pattern to unlock all the apps. 

  • Quick performance 

The Apex launcher is a really fast app. All the gestures can be controlled more easily. Backup and restore all data that is stored in your device itself. The apex launcher can be used easily. Boost your works by this apex launcher. 

  • No any leaks of your data 

There won’t be any leaks for the data from your device. Therefore you don’t want to worry about your personalized data. All users can use a certain time for the lock as well as the diverse lock modes. Therefore use more diverse modes while using this apex launcher. 

  • Used easily 

The app can be used very easily. The apps can be scrolled very easily by using their own methods in the app. The elastic scrolling is a much more effective tool here. 

  • Effects 

There are many more effects that can be used here. Almost all of them are fancy transitions. The fancy transitions make the app funnier and comfortable.apex launcher

Download links for the latest version of the Apex launcher 


More facts and features about the Apex launcher

  • Optimization 

All of the people can optimize the app as you want. There are more elements contained here. If the user wants that the user can hide all of them. In that way, the app can be changed in whatever way that you want to. 

  • Sorting the apps 

All apps in here can be sorted out in accordance with a way that you would like to. All apps here can be sorted against the date, title, or usage. That sorting out makes it much easier 

  • Backup 

The data stored here can be backup in the app. Backup or else restore any of here. That can be adjusted through the settings. That is much easy whole working with this type of app. 

  • Compatible with all the devices 

The apex app can be used with many more devices. Currently, the app has developed up to a very advanced level of development.

  • Free and in-app purchases 

The apex launcher can be used for free. Even when you pay some amount, you can obtain much more features here. If you want to enjoy with them download the latest version of the app. 

  • Popularity 

Due to the all-exclusive features included in here over 10,000,000 individuals have joined with the app. If you haven’t joined it yet, just join now. apex launcher

What’s new with the latest version of the apex launcher? 

  • The bugs have fixed 
  • More improvements can be seen
  • More features have added 

They all stated facts are about the apex launcher in here. If you would really think that this apex launcher is beneficial, use that app now onwards. 

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