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Sweet Selfie Camera Editor

Most of the time social media is everything related to capturing images and sharing them. If you want to be a successful influencer on your social media platforms, I think you must have a wonderful photography companion with you. Now a days smartphones with powerful camera apps are our best companion in capturing our picture-perfect memories. One such powerful and a wonderful camera app to be discussed here is Sweet Selfie Camera & Editor.

What is Sweet Selfie Camera & Editor?

If you want to add a touch of creativity or if you want to edit your images and videos like never before then go for Sweet Selfie Camera App. one of the best camera and photo editing app you could download for your Android. With its plenty of features and editing tools Sweet Selfie is now on the top among most of the other camera apps.

Features of Sweet Selfie Camera & Editor

Wide array of filters

The Sweet Selfie Camera & Editor do load with wide array of different filters to make your day. These filters can transform your ordinary selfies in to extraordinary creations for sure. Moreover, the AI generated filters let your creativity shine in many ways. Exploring with these amazing filters will make your selfies more stunning and vibrant for sure.

Retouch your body and face

If you want to alter some face features to make your look more stunning then don’t worry. Sweet Selfie Camera & Editor is equipped with almost all these features to retouch your body and the face in a manner you want. Enlarge your eyes, slim your face, increase your height, slim your waist line, and many more other changes are possible if you have Sweet Selfie Camera & Editor with you.

Makeup and Sticker Options

Taking customization to the next level, Sweet Selfie offers a variety of makeup options and stickers for you. You can experiment with different makeup styles, add accessories, or choose from a wide selection of stickers to add a playful element to their selfies.

Collage Maker

With its collage maker option combine multiple photos into a single, eye-catching collage. This is perfect for capturing a series of moments or creating a visual story with your pictures.

Best alternative is Camera B612

While Sweet Selfie offers a range of features, it is essential to consider alternatives in the competitive world of selfie camera apps. Camera B612 can be identified as one of the best alternatives for Sweet Selfie Camera & Editor.  Let’s briefly compare the two here.

User Interface

Sweet Selfie and Camera B612 both have user-friendly interfaces. However, some users find the simplicity of Camera B612 more interesting. If you prefer a straightforward and intuitive experience then I think B612 is the best.

Filter Variety

Sweet Selfie shines in providing a diverse range of filters, including real-time beauty filters. On the other hand, Camera B612 focuses on offering quality over quantity. So, it includes a curated collection of amazing and loving filters.

Additional Features

Both apps offer makeup options, stickers, and collage makers. Sweet Selfie stands out with its blur and vignette effects, while Camera B612 emphasizes the beauty of simplicity with its clean and efficient feature set.


Give a try to these two amazing camera and photo editing apps Sweet Selfie and B612 and choose the best one for you according to your preference. I would like to say that both these camera apps are outstanding among other similar camera apps. If you want to experience simplicity then it is better to go for B612.

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