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vivacut apk download

Vivacut is a video editor and video maker app that has been designed to be used in the production of videos. It is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The app allows you to edit videos, add effects and filters to your clips, add music from your library or from YouTube, trim the video clips length and create a montage of images with music.

vivacut apk download

Vivacut is a video editor and video maker app. It has been designed to help you with your videos, whether it be for work or personal use. You can edit your videos, make them look better, add filters and effects, and then share them with friends on social media or privately. This app is a great choice for those who are looking for an easy-to-use video editor that offers a lot of features.

Vivacut APP Features

Vivacut is a video editor and video maker with a variety of features for making videos. The app has a simple and intuitive interface. It has all the basic editing tools that you need to make your videos look professional. You can also add filters to your videos, shoot slow-motion or fast-motion video, and more.

A timeline with a wide range of tools to create video – The intuitive and sleek editing interface makes it easy for you, while the zoom-in frame by frames will give your videos that extra something special!

Text – With the power to edit and duplicate your styles (fonts, colors & emoji), this app is a must-have for all Android users!

Video Transition – With VivaCut, you can create movie-level videos with amazing transition effects. Use the background changer to make your own custom film posters in just seconds!

Video Adjustment – With the power of your computer, you can easily adjust brightness and contrast as well as change any other video element with just one click.

Filters – Use various filters and effects to transform your video clips.

Save and Share

The best way to experience your videos is on the biggest screen possible. That’s why we provide custom video resolutions for all of our clients no matter what size their screens are!

With this video editor, you can change the name of your footage and give it an artistic design. This will make sure that people know what they are getting when viewing their document or project file with PRO aesthetic themes in mind.

With this app, you can save videos directly to your device’s gallery with transitions effects. One-click sharing allows for easy transmission of the footage onto various social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Vivacut unique features

  1. Split and merge videos to make the different versions of the same videos.
  2. Merge different types of songs to make the most entertaining content available on the internet.
  3. Edit your videos frame by frame with the help of keyframe animation editing.
  4. Add different types of texts and HD animated stickers to your videos and make them more creative.
  5. Control the running speed of the videos and create slow motions and fast motions videos.

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