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remini apk

Remini APK is a product of Splice Video Editor. It can easily turn pictures of old cameras and mobile phone-shotted pictures into modern-looking ones. This app allows users to effectively enhance the quality of photos with the use of AI power. It can convert black and white photos to colored ones.

remini apk


Remini Apk Features

Remini APK is packed with several features. It is one of the easiest and most awesome photo editing applications. This app contains quick, unique, and effective editing features that are flexible with any user. 

Supports multiple languages

Remini APK supports multiple languages. It is available in Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Korean, Hindi, English, and Spanish. So, language is not a barrier when using this app. 

Enhancing the quality of old or low-quality photos

Assists in restoring old photos and fixing poorly taken images. The app helps to give a better look and more details to the photographs. 

Colorize photos

Allows users to colorize photos taken during the previous century. So it is helpful in restoring past memories like family photos, photos of friends, and reunites. A colored version of an old black and white image can be easily brought up to a colored version. 

Enhance the look of videos

Multi-tasking app that also works for videos. It helps to enhance the video quality by repairing the brightness and clarity of blurred videos. So any old-looking and low-quality video can be converted into an eye-catching one with Remini APK. 

Add paint effects to the photographs

The paint effects in the Remini apk allow users to give an artistic effect to the photos. 

Enhances selfies with portrait mode

The portrait mode in Remini apk enhances the quality of selfies. The users can either have a little or no blemishes beautiful HD portrait pictures. 

Compatible with available footage in devices

Users can edit all available videos and photos on the device after downloading to Remini. 

Save photos offline or share them online

It is easy to save or share edited photos and videos with Remini. Several export options are available to share or save footage in suitable quality and settings. 

How to Remini Apk Download?

You can easily download the app to your android devices. Just visit the Google play store. 

Safety and legality

Remini is a kind of safe app to use. It also has an active development team that makes changes concerning the development of the technology. This mobile app asks for access to the camera and gallery in the device. 


Does Remini APK support multiple languages?

Yes. This app is compatible with several other languages like Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Korean, Hindi, English, and Spanish other than English. 

Is Remini APK is only for photo editing?

No, The users can utilize this APK to edit videos. 

Is this app safe to use?

This is a safe app to install onto your android devices. 

Can I save photos offline in Remini APK?

It is easy to save photos offline in the app. If you want to share them on social media, then it is also available in the app.

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